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How do you sum up "life-changing experience" in just a few sentences? What we do, and what God does through 51:10, is encourage the hearts, souls, and minds of children as they discover purpose and confidence in Christ.

One Program

One Child, One Leader, One Horse

Our mentorship season operates from April-October each year. Children attend an hour-and-a-half-long session once a week, where they are paired with a mentor and choose activities to participate in. We pair men with boys and women with girls.

While horsemanship is a large part of 51:10, many children choose another activity such as woodworking, board games, ranch chores, painting, baking, etc. Sessions are designed to go deeper than simple fun or entertainment, rather they are intended to spark change in lives and have an eternal impact.

Children that choose to be involved with the horses learn the basics of western horsemanship alongside their mentor. While children spend time in the saddle, the focus is not exclusively on learning horsemanship skills. Instead, the horse is used as a tool and analogy to unpack life and faith lessons. Powerful conversations often happen between mentor and child, while spending time with a horse.

Each session also includes a group devotional that seeks to draw parallels between ranch life and the Gospel. Each child/mentor pair completes a time of service, in order to develop a sense of ownership and stewardship at the ranch.


Hear Amy share in her own words her experience as a leader at 51:10.

If you are interested in getting your child enrolled in the program, please complete the Participant Application. Someone will be in contact with you right away to discuss the next steps.

51:10 is a 501(c)3 funded completely by donations.  Our programs are completely free to all participants.  We do not want finances to ever deter participation.

Change The world


Encouraging youth and families through mentorship.
mentor icon


Encouragement. Positivity. Spiritual Growth.

Using Ranch life, scripture, and activities to connect with a child. Our mentoring program changes lives for the Kingdom.

Horse Icon


Stewardship. Responsibility. Growth.

Horsemanship is a huge part of life at 51:10. Activities with horses on the ground and in the saddle are used to develop lifelong traits in our participants. Not to mention the fun that happens when you combine children and horses!

Barn Icon

Activities without horses

Creativity. Connection. Learning.

Not every growth opportunity at 51:10 includes interacting with a horse. Through activities such as woodworking, painting, baking, games (and so much more!) we build connection and community.

Community Icon

Community Events

Fellowship. Unity. Growth.

Throughout the year, 51:10 hosts multiple special events designed to serve the local community and families. People are brought together around a campfire, meal, and common goal to nurture bonds and relationships.

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