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Horsemanship. Healing. Hope.

Restoration and hope for the family through mentorship and discipleship.

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Serve. Lift. Grow.

We are built for community and to serve each other. Learn how you can get plugged in at 51:10.

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Using horses as a tool for ministry to connect children and mentors. Changing lives for eternal impact.

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Support. Expand. Reach.

Through partnership, together we support families and expand kingdom reach.

Set apart to bring families together.

In today's world, children are influenced strongly by culture and society - positively and negatively.

At 51:10 Ranch, we are set apart by God to be a place where children experience encouragement, inspiration and affirmation.

Activities are focused on the child - building trust in themselves, God, and others, encouraging personal leadership and growth, and nurturing self-confidence in Christ. Our program is free of charge to participants and their families - allowing all children the opportunity to participate no matter their family background.

Change The world


What others are saying

At 51:10 each child is a precious gift that for one moment in their week we get to connect.  Side-by-side we work and learn about life skills and they begin to trust you to hear their moments of the week and their thoughts.  Pouring His love into their lives, supporting them in small ways is a blessing from our Lord.  My life and heart is so much more full at the end of each session.


Gatekeeper and Mentor
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My relationship with God has changed through my experience with 51:10.  The horses are a picture of God for me.  They are mighty and powerful and  yet they allow us to get close to them.  There's also a gentleness to them.  God also chooses to be close to us and He wants that closeness with us.  In my time here, I came to realize that God called me here for me.  It's a ranch for kids, but the space is truly for everybody.


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My mentor is awesome.  It was fun making a giant Jenga with him.  I love making other kids happy and giant Jenga is going to make a lot of kids happy.  God loves us man!


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I love having a mentor.  You are sure lucky to have me as a child at 51:10.  My mentor is my best friend.  I love riding on Sugar and trotting on Sugar.  My mentor will always be a friend of mine.


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51:10 has given our daughter a passion for horses that we did not even know was there! She loves every minute of being with the 51:10 horses and crew members. It has given her a desire to pursue/work with horses in her future. It is so amazing to see passion in your baby, and we are forever grateful to 51:10 for giving that to her!

Sandy Pace

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Thank you for letting us come to the ranch.  I love getting to go to the ranch and I love to see all of the staff.  I love Firecracker too.


High School Work Program
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My kids have been involved with 51:10 for years now and have had such a great experience! From nurturing mentors, to creative activities, 51:10 always goes above and beyond. Our lives are richer because of our involvement with this amazing program and ministry!


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"Interning at 51:10 was not what I expected.  It was better and definitely more of a challenge than I thought.  Challenges that helped me grow.  Getting to have a personal connection with the kids was incredible.  God showed up in so many ways and the people at the ranch have taught me life lessons that I will forever remember.  Feeling the presence of God truly does something special to you.  It was a great experience."

Nicole Williams

2021 Intern
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