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There’s a place for you at 51:10. Whether God is leading your family to our ranch for restoration or recreation, your participation in our programs matters. Where will you get plugged in?


Gatekeeper Volunteer

“The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”  –John 10:3

At 51:10 we believe serving isn’t something we do, but rather something we are; it is a part of our DNA. We trust that our role is to facilitate an environment to allow Jesus to have access to hearts, all hearts, ours included. In that environment, we simply hold the gate and allow the Shepherd to do His work. We want to foster a mindset that all we do is for Him.

We know that often someone given the title of ‘volunteer’ can feel a lack of responsibility or ownership in their role. Instead, we invite our ‘gatekeepers’ to feel the value and title that their Father gives them. We ask for investment and vulnerability and do not allow complacency or disengagement within our team. We are family! We are holding the gate for Jesus to what He has for us, one another, and everyone who steps foot on the ranch. One with the honored role of holding the gate for the Shepherd.

Interested in interning with 51:10 Ranch? Applications are only accepted from December 1st through February 1st each year. To be considered, please complete the application below.

More Ways To Get Involved

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    Mentorship with children

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    Grounds and Animal Maintenance

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    Community Events Preparation

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    Setup and Clean Up

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Thousands Needs

Heart for Serving God?

If you have a heart for serving God and also enjoy working with children and animals, we would encourage you to COMPLETE a Gatekeeper ApplicatION.