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A Note from Co-Founder Elsa Verrier.
Our family includes my husband, our son, Nolan, our twin girls, Addison and Bella and myself.  All three of our children are adopted. Nolan was born in Nepal, and came home in February of 2008 at 18 months. Our twins had made the long journey from Bulgaria to our home in Atlanta, just short of 4 years of age, in September of 2010. I recall a Saturday in the spring of 2011, when our family headed out of the house to a local bowling alley for some fun. After getting our shoes and selecting the perfect ball, we made our way to the lane to engage in a little healthy family competition.

Within minutes Addison had broken down, paralyzed by fear and sobbing uncontrollably.  She wanted nothing to do with this new game or this new environment.  She wanted to return to the comfort of the home she had known the last six months and she had no desire to deviate from the stable routine of her day. This bowling adventure was just one of MANY stories we experienced those first few years.  Our daughter dealt with extreme anxiety and struggled to connect with people she didn't know, places she wasn't familiar with...any new experiences.

A counselor suggested equine therapy.  I mentioned it to my husband and before long he had her enrolled in lessons at a local stable.  I dreaded the day we would have to force her to get on a horse. I pondered how long it would take her to become comfortable with the horse and the stables.

To our surprise she met Buddy, and fell in love!  This sweet child who struggled to become comfortable with her own two feet on the ground, displayed a confidence and joy on the back of Buddy. Something we had not seen prior to this encounter.  Bareback, backwards…it didn’t matter, Addison was at peace and we were astonished.

The seed was planted in our hearts and before long, we knew where the Lord was guiding us.  He brought our love for children, for animals and for the mountains together for His glory.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

51:10 Ranch will glorify God by creating an environment that encourages, inspires, and affirms children and their families in the community.

Our Mission

Our ranch lifestyle provides a place of refuge for children and animals, allowing families to be restored through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

OUR vision

Christ-Centered, Kingdom Focused, Love, Trust, Commitment, and Unity.


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